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Viscosity Measurement

A viscosity measurement instrument is used to quickly and efficiently measure kinetic viscosity of liquids such as varnishes, resins, and many others.

Viscosity measurement devices can be manual or electronic. BYK-Gardner bubble viscosity tubes, flow cups and Zahn cups are manual types. Electronic types take the human error out of the measuring procedure. BYK-Gardner carries the Brookfield line of viscometers.

When buying a bubble viscosity measurement tubes, you can expect to receive the following:

1. Sealed glass tubes with the liquid viscosity standards inside.
2. A shelf life of up to five years.
3. Sample tubes which can be easily cleaned within a matter of minutes.
4. The benefit of no small areas that can become clogged, which could lead to false readings.

The viscosity of the liquid being tested is directly proportionate to the amount of time that it takes the bubble in the tube to rise. A bubble that rises quickly shows a low range of viscosity.


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