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Thickness Gage

Within the coating industry, the Interchemical Thickness Gage has been the standard for a long time to measure wet film thickness. There are three basic thickness gage models to choose from, with each one offering a very high level of accuracy. The three models of thickness gages include: Model L for low inertial, Model R for a rotating scale, and Model S for general use.

When measuring dry film thickness, several models of thickness gages are available to evaluate the thickness of a coating on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. Models include magnetic and electronic thickness gages.

Thickness gages are sold with multiple features such as external probes to measure the thickness of a coating in hard to reach places or probes with the ability to test on both F and NF substrates.  The gages also offer advanced features like memory and statistics modes when it is necessary to record results of the thickness testing.




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