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The appearance of a product after production is based largely on its gloss and color. To ensure that your product is uniform, a spectrophotometer or spectro-guide gloss can be used. Test your product with a portable spectrophotometer for consistent color and gloss.

By measuring color and gloss at the same time, a spectro-guide spectrophotometer can clearly determine if there are any mismatches between a standard and a product or from product to product.

Spectrophotometers are designed as a 45/0 geometry simulates an evelaution as our eyes visually view a product and sphere based technology measures the color without the influence of gloss. A spectrophotometer takes the guess work out of testing and provides a quantitative value for comparison.

When shopping for a spectrophotometer make sure that it meets international standards, that color and gloss can be displayed simultaneously and that the instrument is easy to use and control.

Finding a spectrophotometer that weighs in around 500 grams would be ideal. This is small enough to work with in the lab, take on the production floor or carry into the field.


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