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Orange Peel Meter

Final top coat inspection is no longer the only way to measure appearance. Now, you can use an orange peel meter (an instrument of the wave-scan family) in order to get the proper DOI measurement on semi gloss surfaces. This helps professionals in a number of different industries to quantitify appearance attributes for objective evaluation.

The appearance of the surface of a product depends on the structure size, the image forming quality, and the distance at which it is observed.

The waviness or orange peel of a coatings can be measured at different wavelengths to produce customer specific scales. These scales can then used in describing the paint. Orange peel can be seen as a dark area and/or wavy light pattern on high to semi gloss surfaces.

The use of an orange peel meter can ensure that all properties of the paint are up to standards set forth by the manufacturer throughout the application process.


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