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Reflection Haze meters

If you are looking for an all-in-one reflection haze measurement instrument, the micro-haze plus or the haze-gloss are for you. These haze meters can measure both reflection haze and gloss at the same time. This not only provides accurate results, but saves the user a lot of time as well.

The portable micro-haze plus is perfect for on site testing or to ensure quality control on the production line. No matter where this meter is used, it is accurate and reliable results are sure to follow.

Some of the benefits of the micro-haze plus include:

1. Ability to connect direct to any printer or personal computer.
2. Portable enough to fit in the pocket.
3. Operation is guided by a simple yet effectively laid out menu.
4. A statistics menu that offers the storage of measured values, standards, and much more.

The benchtop haze-gloss allows the same results in the lab as the micro-haze plus delivers in the field.


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