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Gloss Meter

The use of a gloss meter ( or glossmeter) can go a long way toward making or breaking the overall look of your product. Gloss measurement may not seem like a big deal, but if this is not 100 percent correct, the color of your product may not be exactly as you had hoped.

The micro-gloss gloss meter complies with all current international QC standards, and its ease of use makes it perfect for a wide range of industries. No matter where the micro-gloss glossmeter is needed, it comes in handy. This holds true in production, at the lab, or with the customer.

The biggest benefit of the micro-gloss gloss meter is its 100 percent accuracy and reliability. With the ability to measure up to 2,000 gloss units, you can be rest assured that the results will be accurate time after time. Additionally, there is a 10 year guarantee on the lamp life of the micro-gloss. Once again, this goes a long way toward ensuring accuracy.






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