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BYK-Gardner Abrasion Tester

Both uncoated and coated surfaces need to be tested for resistance to abrasion from time to time. This includes resistance from things such as brushes, sponges, and much more. Some more common areas where abrasion testing is used include: kitchen tile, bathtubs, carpets, interior paint, and furniture.

There are many abrasion testers that are meant to duplicate the damage that could occur under normal circumstances. With these instruments, the areas above can be tested for wear patterns while simulating everyday conditions.

The BYK-Gardner abrasion tester helps to determine both the washability and the resistance of a wide variety of materials. This type of abrasion testing uses linear force to test a sample.

Some features of this abrasion tester include:

1. Enclosed casing which allows the tool to take part in wet and dry testing.

2. Heavy duty construction which ensures durability.

3. The utilization of abrasive paper, sponge, and a brush. This helps to ensure real life situations, and to meet industry standards.

Abrasion testing is a great way for companies to test how a certain product will stand up to everyday wear and tear. With the BYK-Gardner abrasion tester this task is easily taken care of.


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